Allow Yourself

Hello Everyone, I'm sure from the title you are assuming this is going to be another "self-love" post. Trust me, it isn't. Unless you count bettering your life "self-love" then it would be, but be warned this isn't for comfort seekers who enjoy feel good motivation. In order to better yourself, it has become increasingly... Continue Reading →

Ben Spills the Tea on Hypnosis

So Many Have Pre-Judged Hypnosis with some Strange, Bizarre, and just plain Weird Ideas. Let's cut the bologna here. I'm going to read your mind real quick and pop-up a quick list of the most common statements surrounding hypnosis. Hypnosis is FAKE!Hypnosis Is Mind-Control!Don't Subjects Go To Sleep?What IF I NEVER COME OUT OF HYPNOSIS!?... Continue Reading →

The Theory of Being Playful

If This Doesn't Hype You Then You Need To Read It Again... This is going to be a very short read because some of the best things in life aren't complicated even though we tend to make them so. Here's the Deal Do you want to be charismatic? Do you want to be Confident? Do... Continue Reading →

Why You Need To Brainwash Yourself

If You Aren't BrainWashing Yourself Then Someone Will Do It For You. You Play Out Programs That You've Downloaded When You Were a Kid... I'm sure if I say that you were hypnotized for the first 7 years of your life then you'd probably think, "Okay, that's enough from this nut." Isn't it funny that... Continue Reading →

#7.) Now, What Do I Invest In?

This simple idea will make you feel more confident about making money with stocks. So you've selected a strategy that works for you, or maybe they all work for you. Now what is your next step? Do you pick the most actively trade stock of whatever day you begin trading? What is your next move?... Continue Reading →

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