How to Develop Yourself…

So You May Be Wondering…

Why do you need to read this? Why do I even bother writing on this subject and who am I to say all this?

Let me start with why reading this can enhance your life.

I could give you the whole run down of facts like Daniel Goleman, one of the pioneers of Emotional Intelligence, said 75% of success in life is determined by your Emotional Intelligence. BUT I think the old quote from Aristotle said it perfectly, “Know Thyself.”

“Okay Ben I get it, this is important, I’ll get around to it soon.” Seriously… I just told you that 75% of your success is dependent on whether you build yourself or not and you want to wait? Well, this is nothing new to me especially because I was there once too. There’s something about knowing we need to do something that makes us not want to do it, am I right?

Can you guess what it is? Fear… its fear. Maybe a small portion of it is laziness but if I’m being honest with you, and I will always be, we (meaning you and I and everyone else) use laziness as a scapegoat for all our problems because that’s easier than admitting that we are AFRAID.

Okay Ben, how the heck do you know I’m afraid? Because there was a time where I was too and just like you, I would have never admit it.

And let me give you my big reasons for being afraid.

  • I didn’t have all the information
  • I didn’t want to fail at becoming a better individual
  • I was afraid of what my friends and family would think of me
  • I was afraid of being uncomfortable
  • I was afraid that it was possible that I could be better and therefore that meant I wasn’t good enough as who I am

Here’s the bottom line though...

As I learned what I’m going to show you in these blog posts you’re going to see why fear… is SILLY. As you keep reading, You’re going to see why I wished I would’ve started earlier! I started this conquest of knowledge when I was 14 years old and here’s a quick list of what I’ve done to become the person who can give away all of this knowledge that cost me big dollars to get.

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (books)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Courses)
  • Hypnotherapy (books)
  • Hypnotherapy (courses)
  • Success Formulas from industry leaders like Tony Robbins
  • Psychology of Motivation
  • Psychology of Inner Needs
  • The list goes on but I’ll stop here

Let me leave you with something I heard the famous Les Brown quote, “It is said that FEAR, ladies and gentlemen, is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real.”

Stay tuned because in coming blogs we will cover everything from developing the way you see yourself so that you can become a WINNER all the way to proven models to Influence Anyone Easily.

Thank you for reading,

Sincerely Benjamin Walton.


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