Is The Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?

This is a very common question you may ask while on a first date with someone you like. Why do we ask this question? Well if we were to be honest with ourselves we would probably say because we don’t want to date someone who is pessimistic and negative. Some people may say that they are being a realist. Well sure, a realist in the sense that everything happens in a negative way because people are inherently evil. I’m not here to start that talk. But, if you look into the world thinking people are evil well you won’t have a very happy life. Now why would we ask that question of others but not ourselves? In your life do you see the world in a lense of half full or half empty? And how does it make you feel? If you say half full you’d be quite pleased with your life and the people you spend time with. If you say the opposite well you may not be to happy with how your life is going so far. Being optimistic is far better than being pessimistic. For the basic reason of it better to be happier than it is to be sad. You will learn eventually that the law of attraction comes into play. That means if you are a sad person your more likely going to attract another sad person and vice versa. Now that can be a very unfortunate turn of events because you will just keep feeding off each other emotionally and inevitably you will continue to get worse. There has never been a case where being happy and optimistic (not overly optimistic) has had a negative impact. So how do we become more optimistic?

The first thing to do is define who you are naturally. Are you more optimistic or pessimistic? Do you have a overall positive view on life? Or is it negative? Once you establish that we will then need to evaluate your life. As I stated in a previous blog on the law of averages. Meaning we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Well Who are those 5 people in your life? Do they influence you to better yourself or to go with the flow don’t try to hard and just get by? It is much more difficult to overcome an environment full of people who bring you down and not encourage you. So take an honest look into your life. Are you where you want to be. Are you heading where you want to go. This is a very difficult area to change but it is possible.

Here are some more ways we can become more optimistic that you can start implementing right now. SMILE :). That’s right smile. Simple as that! Studies have shown that if you smile more the happier you will be and more optimistic. Plus it will influence others to smile too! Which will make you feel better as well. Another thing to practice is gratitude or thankfulness it’s easy to be happy when looking at your life and seeing everything you’re thankful for. A quick exercise to do is spend 3 minutes and either say or write out what you are thankful for. You can do it in the shower incase you don’t have three minutes or you want to multitask. But, being thankful for even the little things in life will help you tremendously in living a more positive and optimistic life! And last but not least complement other people. I know this may sound weird but trust me it works! Giving other people a complement or simply helping them out by holding the door open something small like that makes you feel better as a person. Sure it sounds selfish but is it really? When both people receive a rush of dopamine and makes them feel good? There’s no harm in being a little more positive in life. Why waste it being negative all the time? Smile and enjoy life because we really only have one.


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