Why You Should Stop Saying Things That Make You Weak

Stop Saying/Doing Things That Make You Weak

First of all, to dispell any criticisms, of course, I read, watch, and think about Jordan B. Peterson. No, this isn’t just a Jordan Peterson fan account. I write about what I think about and his concepts of people are spectacular because if you listen really closely the devil is in the details with this man. You’ll hear the main message, but his heavier points are below common awareness.

I know we can all begin to see in our own ways how and why we shouldn’t say things that make us weak, but be honest with yourself about how much you use that knowledge.

There’s this idea in Psychology that is super basic and important that I’m sure you’ve heard the term before, self-fulfilling prophecy. I know, It’s like, “I get it, I should say good things about myself.” No, that’s not what I’m saying at all.

If this was a lecture hall I could ask you and everyone else reading this to raise their hands if they’ve ever been told to say good things about themselves and they’ll become true. Did you raise your hand? Do you think everyone else would too? This is because we’ve only been told a half-truth. That’s why Jordan Peterson didn’t say, “You should say good things about yourself.” No, he said, “Stop saying things that make you weak.”

That is wildly different because it means that you need to be honest with yourself. Because how the heck do you know if you’re saying things that make you feel weak if you aren’t self-aware? You MUST be honest with yourself before you could ever attempt to fix anything. If you feel like crap, BE HONEST. Avoid beginning by saying that you feel good over and over again because you are going out of order. Dive into what’s causing you to feel that way. BE HONEST in this process or you will royally screw it up. Let me help you and give you some questions and tips in bullet points to start you, and it’s up to you to put it into practice and make this happen.

Here’s a start…

  • “What do I tell others about myself that makes me feel bad?” and conversely “What do I say to myself that makes me feel really bad?”
  • “What causes me to say these things?”
  • “How do I know that these are TRUE statements about my being?”
  • “What makes me think that this is the only thing I could ever be in a world full of change and possibility?”
  • Analyze every word you say for a week asking yourself: What, How, and Why.
    • You’ll notice an enormous change after asking those initial questions that will only be cemented in place by doing the last request of analyzing your language.

What You Can Expect

This is by no means an easy or pleasant process. You’re going to see who you really are and not everyone is ready to see that. This should feel uncomfortable and at some points unbearable. You will make it and afterwards, you will be free of the destructive tendencies you have and, yes, you have destructive tendencies trust me. We all have them. The point is to try to minimize them.

Allow me to show you the overview of the process.

Begin by not working against yourself because life is already a struggle and working against yourself is only making things worse, maybe even akin to a living hell. Then you must accept where you are and continue setting yourself straight. Lastly, you work towards making your life beautiful by pursuing your purpose.

We are at the start of the process of a meaningful and beautiful life. We must start by not saying things that make us weak.

This doesn’t mean…

This doesn’t mean we attempt to avoid things that challenge us or make us unhappy. I’m not saying that at all and that’s an important distinction to make. We aren’t running from our problems. We are ending the negative self-talk. We’re KILLING that voice in you’re head that causes you to feel anything less than the powerful and meaningful person you are. We all know that voice. It’s the one that causes you to doubt yourself when you truly have no reason too.

Thanks again for your time and I hope you gained some value from this because I know these principles have caused phenomenal growth in my own life.

Keep your head up,

Benjamin Walton


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