Two Reasons Why Apple Is The Best Company To Ever Exist

There will be no one better than Apple when it comes to brand loyalty for a long time.

And when we do see that kind of following in another brand, it will be one for the history books.

I am very much so in love with this company and millions of people around the world are too. They all have their reason to love Apple, and for the most part, they love it from a consumer aspect. In fact, here are all the reasons why people love Apple and why that love means something.

High Quality Products

Image result for apple iphone Xs

Their most recent release, the iPhone Xs.

The look of this phone screams quality to me. It does not matter what the price of this phone is, because Apple has done an amazing job in their branding efforts to make people want this phone and to want to be apart of their experience. Consumers will continue to justify to themselves why a more expensive iPhone is right for them, and we will continue to see massive sales in these personal electronic areas. In their early stages, these phones were seen as tools. Apple came along and has made it into a stylish tool. All tools are extensions of ourselves, and why not use a tool that makes you look good right? They all get the job done the same way, but it is all about the way you look. If I pull this phone out of my pocket to show someone a picture of my family, with no doubt (since the phone is so new) that phone will be recognized and commented about. Everyone has smartphones and they either have some variation of an Android device or they would have an iPhone. The Android person would say something on the lines of  “Is that the new iPhone? Yeah you pay too much for that thing. My phone has *insert tech specs* and really beats the iPhone”. A smartphone person who has an iPhone probably already has the new phone or will say with excitement “Is that the new iPhone? I saw parts of their keynote that phone is so much better than the old one! I can’t wait to trade in my iPhone 8 for the Xs.” Either interaction, a bold statement is made and it is impressive to each person. The android side recognizes it out of spite, and the iPhone side recognizes it because it’s relatable and exciting to them. In both cases, an impression has been made on both sides and that is what is so impressive.


Yes you are paying for an experience. If you’re out to buy a smartphone and they all have comparable features and specs, which one are you going to buy? Simple, you’re going to buy the one that makes you feel better about your purchase. Apple packages their whole buying ecosystem so wonderfully, they make your life feel enhanced after the purchase. Which is why we keep going back for more. No matter how big the price tag, there will be some way to afford their products. They make it easier to sell the idea to yourself. Everything about their experience is controlled, which is something you do not see Samsung, LG or anyone else do with Android phones. They still struggle with this marketing idea and I don’t get why they haven’t figured it out. Even if I were to go into a Best Buy or anywhere that sells phones, I could see the different kiosk of phone brands and I am being influenced there. With Apple devices, the sale has already been made in their announcements. I strongly believe that people who want smart phones and want the newest of the new are actively looking for the best and will already have their mind made up before they step into the store. I think Apple’s competitors rely on that face to face selling, or maybe their brands aren’t as well established yet to do what Apple does.

Of course there are more reasons as to why this company is amazing, but instead of looking at Apple’s balance sheet, we needed to take a look at its actual business. The high quality of their product combined with an enhanced ecosystem is a compounding effective of astounding growth and popularity over the years. Apple is here to stay, and just as Warren Buffet does with his other investments, Apple is a great dollar averaging stock. They will experience ups and downs, but they are on a path that goes straight up.



These are generalizations and meant to increase your understanding of the securities market. Any advice contained within this blog is general advice and does not consider your objectives, financial situation or needs, and you should consider whether it’s appropriate for you. The information we are giving you is for educational purposes only.

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