Why You Need To Brainwash Yourself

If You Aren’t BrainWashing Yourself Then Someone Will Do It For You.

You Play Out Programs That You’ve Downloaded When You Were a Kid…

I’m sure if I say that you were hypnotized for the first 7 years of your life then you’d probably think, “Okay, that’s enough from this nut.” Isn’t it funny that you say that in your head is evidence that you are playing out the programs that have been implanted in your brain through hypnosis?

Let me tell you, before you click out of this blog, what Hypnosis actually is. It is the embedding of ideas in the subconscious by lowering your conscious state until it no longer interferes with the learning process.

Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about this concept. In the first 7 years of your life, your brain is operating in a theta state which means that your conscious mind isn’t as active as your subconscious is. This allows you to see the people around you and download programs that support success in your environment.

Let that information sink into you. “Success in your environment” If your environment is poor people, and you succeed in that environment, guess what happens next. You become really successful at playing out the programs that keep you poor. You might even become so good at being poor that you’re the poorest of the poor and it seems like every time you try to stand up you get knocked to your knees. That’s the programs in your mind manifesting itself in the environment around you.

Am I Doomed?

No, it doesn’t have to stay that way. This is your red pill. This is your ticket out of your environment.

Dr. Bruce Lipton offers two fixes. If hypnosis put those programs in you, then you need to use hypnosis to open it back up and change the programs. He also says repetition. Repetition is what could be one of the easiest ways to speak to your subconscious. Think of when you were small. Remember learning the alphabet? How many times did you have to practice it? If you’re like me, it took a while, but when you got it right then you had it.

This is the same with happiness. Want to be happy? You must brainwash yourself to be so. I am happy. I am happy. I am happy. But wait, didn’t I tell you this wasn’t effective? No, what I said in my previous blog post was that you must stop doing that which is ineffective first. You must stop saying negative things first. Then you can get into speaking into existence things that move you forward. It is the same as when an artist will paint his canvas white before he paints his image. You must stop running back before you run forwards.

That’s the beauty though. You CAN move forward.

Now, Ben, what about hypnosis.  Can I do that too? Yes, you were capable in the first seven years of your life which means you must be able to do it now. Have you ever been driving home and forgot the journey? Have you ever listened to a song and while you’re listening to you zone out and you come back to reality at the end of the song?

So, how do you use that to remove and improve those old programs? I’ll give you something that you can try that will allow you to accomplish this yourself easily. It is much more complicated than this process, but it can easily be accomplished with this.

Step 1.) Close your eyes

Step 2.) Speak to yourself out loud. Tell yourself to relax.

Step 3.) Imagine yourself relaxing as if you were going to sleep

Step 4.) Repeat that which you would like to happen and say it many different ways with different tones and different inflections.

Step 5.) Bring yourself back to reality.

That’s all for this blog. Now, go and do this and make it wonderful and make yourself wonderful. You will enjoy the results you see.

Thank you for reading,

Benjamin Walton

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