The Theory of Being Playful

If This Doesn’t Hype You Then You Need To Read It Again…

This is going to be a very short read because some of the best things in life aren’t complicated even though we tend to make them so.

Here’s the Deal

Do you want to be charismatic? Do you want to be Confident? Do you struggle with self-esteem? Do you know what can solve all of those things if understood?

Let me start real quick by showing you who you are. “Can you really do that, Ben?” Yes, of course I can because we live on presuppositions constantly. You think this person who you are is indeed who you truly are. It is not. When I ask you, “What is your name?” it is similar to saying to you, “What do you call yourself?” Do you see the feeling in that question? It implies choice almost wholly. Maybe you’re name was given to you but just as it was given to you, you also built the character of whoever that is. You are like an actor in a play or in a movie. You’re playing a part. You have a script for yourself and you are under the strange impression that you are unable to write on the script, unable to make the lines your own. Imagine what that would mean. Imagine if you truly were an actor.

Do you feel the freedom yet? You act out this script of who you think you are and no one ever told you that you have the power to write it to a certain extent. The limit to the amount you could write your own script I’m not quite sure of. Because you are this actor that is to say that you PLAY the part. All of your life, you are playing and playing doesn’t mean that you are doing some trivial or insignificant because the play has never been insignificant. A child plays and learns important life lessons from play, therefore, the act of playing isn’t something trivial. In the exactly the same way, the concert pianist plays the piano and we take it oh so seriously. We enjoy the beauty of the music as he plays.

As you look at the children playing, do they seem self-conscious that they are playing? Are they ashamed to play? or Do they play their hearts out? Allowing yourself to give yourself to the play you automatically have confidence which means you are charismatic because Charisma is nothing more than the confidence you have in playing out your life.

Don’t just read from your script. Write it. Make it Beautiful. Then play your heart out. You’ll find a few things straight away. People will look at you funny and may not like it. That’s good because you’re practicing your play, but quickly you begin to notice that the more you get better at the play the more extravagant your life gets. A famous poet once said, “Men live lives of quiet desperation.” They wish to be as you, the professional actor who is practiced in the art of play.

The more playful you are the more you let go. The more you let go the happier you get and happiness breeds confidence. You can let go and enjoy your life by being playful. We’ve all met a goofball once in our life. Look at the crowds he’s able to draw. This is because it is through play that we can be honest because you aren’t as good as your Instagram filter suggests. When people are forced to confront that reality they usually ball up when people see them as they really are, flaws and all. This kills them internally which makes them act insignificant and that pushes people away. The goofball or the playful one is willing to accept and enjoy their flaws because they understand that playing implies failure and success. You wouldn’t know success without knowing failure. The person who is playful knows this and wears their failures as lessons and everyone can see it on display. This is so honest that the only people who will ever hate you are the people who wish they could be you but don’t know how.

Your life will be free and beautiful when you make it so. Let’s try being playful.

Thank you,

More to come soon,

Benjamin Walton


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