Ben Spills the Tea on Hypnosis

So Many Have Pre-Judged Hypnosis with some Strange, Bizarre, and just plain Weird Ideas.

Let’s cut the bologna here. I’m going to read your mind real quick and pop-up a quick list of the most common statements surrounding hypnosis.

  • Hypnosis is FAKE!
  • Hypnosis Is Mind-Control!
  • Don’t Subjects Go To Sleep?

Hypnosis is Fake! No, no, no. I assure you it’s very real. It works very well and it happens naturally all the time right below your awareness. To say hypnosis is fake is to say psychology is inherently wrong. You slip in and out of trances constantly throughout the day completely out of your conscious control whilst unconsciously you follow all the necessary automatic responses rapidly.

Let me give you an example of when this occurs. As you’re driving and you’re music or podcast is playing and suddenly you find yourself back at home. When someone directs your awareness to the drive suddenly you find yourself struggling to remember how you got home because it’s as if you’re experiencing amnesia which means you experienced trance and drove home on “auto-pilot” so to say. I know you’re wondering how that’s a trance. A trance is nothing more than an altered state of consciousness. Meditation is inherently hypnotic as well. Your conscious brain takes a back seat to your unconscious brain, allowing your actions to become automatic.

Hypnosis is Mind-Control! You know, that really depends on what you mean by mind-control. I’m not going to say that it’s entirely wrong to see it that way. However, it is wrong to say that it’s mind control in the sense of you being a mindless drone doing whatever direct command the hypnotist says whenever he says it. No, your own brain wouldn’t let that happen. However, that comforting lie that some hypnotists told subjects a long time ago you wouldn’t do anything that you wouldn’t do normally is entirely wrong.

Let me show you what I mean. Let’s say we sat down together and you want me to hypnotize you badly to see what it’s like. I put you in trance rapidly and you become really conscious and fixated on what I’m saying, you can hear it all perfectly clear. At that moment, If I told you to give me all the money in your wallet then I would get resistance from you. But if I alter the frame of what I say and instead I tell you, “I remember when I let you borrow that wallet, I’ll be needing my wallet back now.” I would have your wallet and I would bypass your resistance. So you can begin to understand that it isn’t mind-control per se but rather really good persuasion through an altered reality.

Don’t Subjects go to sleep?  I can answer this pretty easily, no they do not sleep. They are in a hyper-aware and fixated state. You will still have that little voice in your head that’s wondering what the heck is exactly going on. You will, in a light trance, experience something like a very strong day-dream. When you go into a deep trance, you will experience something like a lucid dream. 

Let me let you in on a secret about hypnosis. Your conscious brain is like a filter or a guard for your unconscious brain. It decides what information gets stored, what information gets acted on, and what information gets both. As a hypnotist I distract the guard and slip suggestions into your unconscious mind. That’s why your conscious brain is so fixated on what I say. The way I speak ties up all the processes of your conscious mind so that my suggestions slip by and go directly into your subconscious which is a way of altering your reality.

Ben! What if I Never Come Out Of Hypnosis!?  Don’t worry. You will NEVER be stuck in a trance. It’s such a natural process that you will automatically come out of it after some time. I repeat, YOU WILL NOT GET STUCK IN A TRANCE. When you drive, you eventually come back to reality. When you sleep you eventually wake up. If someone puts you into a trance, even if they don’t take you back out, you will naturally come back after a few moments. I have to answer this one strongly because it really is a genuine fear most people have and it really is something you can rest assured knowing will not happen.

I’m hoping this helps you understand more about hypnosis because it really is, for most people, a huge question mark. It can be used to do an enormous amount of good which was my initial reason for beginning my learning of it over 5 years ago. I’ve helped people delete some past traumas, overcome bad habits, grow confidence, and ,of course, all the silly stuff you can imagine.

If it is something you’d like to know more about you can reach out to me directly on Instagram @Steadyeddiewalton.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more,

Benjamin Walton.

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