How to Actually Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution!



In this podcast I talk extensively about the common mistake people make when they try to accomplish a New Year’s Resolution. The formula for accomplishing a goal is as follows: BE, DO, and HAVE.

We tend to run this formula backwards. We try to have the right things so that we can do the things in order to become who we want to be. Do you notice how jumbled up that is? It’s easy to see when it is plainly laid out in front of you but when it is in the context of your goals this is what has been tripping you up.

You must instead become the person who can do the things necessary to have the things you’ve always wanted to have. Do you notice how organized and strategic that feels? Listen to the podcast for examples and other pitfalls that ensnare us when we try to change!

Also I must give credit to the man that taught me this, David Snyder! He’s a Master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a genius!

Thanks for listening and reading and as always, Stay Steady My Friends!

Benjamin Walton.

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