Allow Yourself

Hello Everyone, I'm sure from the title you are assuming this is going to be another "self-love" post. Trust me, it isn't. Unless you count bettering your life "self-love" then it would be, but be warned this isn't for comfort seekers who enjoy feel good motivation. In order to better yourself, it has become increasingly... Continue Reading →

Why You Need To Brainwash Yourself

If You Aren't BrainWashing Yourself Then Someone Will Do It For You. You Play Out Programs That You've Downloaded When You Were a Kid... I'm sure if I say that you were hypnotized for the first 7 years of your life then you'd probably think, "Okay, that's enough from this nut." Isn't it funny that... Continue Reading →

Who Are You Really?

When's the last time you thought about that? If you're a millennial or anyone near that age range then maybe you've been wondering the same thing. Who Am I?  For many people reading this, there will be resistance, hesitation, and maybe even some self-projection. Maybe you feel as if you know who you are already... Continue Reading →

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