How to Get Anyone to Like You Easily #1

This Is the First Step to Making Anyone Like You. It's the Seventh grade. You just transferred from a small private school with a maximum of 30 kids K-12. You worked in cubicles, doing your school work on computers. Now you're in a public school with 394 kids in your grade and you don't know... Continue Reading →


#6.) Income Stocks Strategy

Making money for their shareholders is what it's always about. Could I like income stocks anymore? I think I could, because it has the word income in the freaking title! They're based around making you money! So let me explain, these stocks have always been popular among the older folk of the investing world. If... Continue Reading →

#5.) Growth Stocks Strategy

The company makes money and pours it all back into future expansion. I think the goal for any business is to keep growing and keep innovating. Everyone wants to keep moving forward at a steady pace and within reason. Growth stocks are no exception in this mindset, but in the way they grow is drastically... Continue Reading →

#4.) Value Stocks Strategy

Finding a diamond in the rough is what this is about. This has to be the most common form of investing that everyone pictures when it comes to making money in the stock market. When it comes to value investing, we are looking for companies that have the most potential for upside in their stock... Continue Reading →

Who Are You Really?

When's the last time you thought about that? If you're a millennial or anyone near that age range then maybe you've been wondering the same thing. Who Am I?  For many people reading this, there will be resistance, hesitation, and maybe even some self-projection. Maybe you feel as if you know who you are already... Continue Reading →

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